Measuring Availability and End User Experience Azures your business

(Web) Application Monitoring

Monitor the uptime and performance of your business critical e-commerce or banking applications from your own location to measure the real user experience. Monitor your Web Applications from locations across the globe. Meazure can record each step of your business process and play back these synthetic transactions at regular intervals to find out if there is any sluggishness in application performance that will prevent the end user from being productive or will drive away your impatient customer.

Kpi alerting

Get alerts when the monitoring discovers other values then the predifined Kpi’s

Web Page Analyzer

Get in-depth visibility on how your webpage is loading for your customers across the globe. Track the performance of individual HTML components such as JavaScript, CSS and images.

Real User Monitoring

Get in-depth understanding of problems affecting real users accessing websites and applications. Analyze application performance step by step.

Server Monitoring

Monitor critical server metrics such as CPU, Disk, Memory, Process, Services and Network Utilization of Linux and Windows servers that run critical applications and show them in the same graph as your Application Monitoring. This will give you immediate information about possible root causes of your bad performance.